Welwyn Anglo-French Twinning – Forthcoming Events

2023 Events


Wednesday 11 October 2023, 7.30pm
Small Hall, Welwyn Civic Centre

The Agenda for the AGM is as follows:

  1. Welcome by the President
  2. Apologies for Absence
  3. Notification of Any Other Business
  4. Minutes of Meeting held on 30 September 2022
  5. Overview of the Year ended 31 July 2023
  6. Financial Statement for the Year ended 31 July 2023
  7. WAFTA Treasurer Vacancy
  8. Election of other Officers and Committee Members
  9. Independent Accounts Examiner Vacancy
  10. Approval of Subscription Rates for 2023/24
  11. Recent and Future Twinning Visits
  12. WAFTA’s Involvement with St Mary’s School, Welwyn
  13. Recent WAFTA and Inter-Association Events
  14. Future Events – Information and Discussion
  15. Any Other Business

The Minutes of the last AGM and the Financial Statement are now available in the “Administration” section of this website by 27 September.

If you plan to attend the meeting, and we hope that you do, please confirm your attendance in advance with Graham Howat. Please notify Sue Nice (our Secretary) as soon as possible if you are willing to stand for election as an Officer or other Committee Member.

After the meeting you are invited to stay for a drink and light refreshments.

We very much hope to see you at the Meeting.

Graham Howat
Vice Chairman, WAFTA

Wine Tasting

Saturday 4th November, 7:30pm
Civic Centre Small Hall

Gobind Singh, of XO Wines of Welwyn, will be presenting six wines, three reds and three whites (one of each will be entry level, one good and one excellent) along with two surprises. There will also be light refreshments, a raffle and a voucher for 10% off any purchase at XO Wines before 1st January. All this for only £17:50. Book your tickets, in advance only, from Graham Howat on 07801 747 777 or via grahamhowat1@gmail.com.


Saturday 16th December, 12:30pm

WAFTA Christmas lunch. The White Hart, Welwyn High Street. More details to follow.


French Conversation

Dates for the next conversation meetings are as follows:

Monday 25th September at 7:30pm. Host: Graham Middleton
Monday 30th October at 2:30pm. Host: Sue Nice
Monday 27th November at 2:30pm. Host: Linda Curiel
Monday 18th December at 2:30pm. Host: To be confirmed.

We are starting at 7:30pm during British Summertime, and switching to 2:30pm when Wintertime starts.

Welwyn Anglo-French Twinning – Past Events

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